Sunday Summary


1. Aaaand we’re in! Moving was a nightmare — traffic from Nuneaton to London was bad all the way, couldn’t park the van, it was pissing it down with rain, Dad slipped on the steps carrying furniture in and hurt his back, my parents got a parking ticket — but it was worth it. I am living in the most beautiful flat in the world, and I’m very happy.

2. If you want to see pictures of my beautiful flat, there’s an album on Facebook here. But here’s a photo of the most important room — our kitchen!

3. To celebrate, Garry and I went to the Chinese restaurant in the shopping centre near to our flat. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet place, and being honest I was a bit dubious. I had absolutely no need to be as I think it served some of the nicest Chinese food I have ever, ever eaten. Good restaurants make living somewhere so much nicer. Plus, they were playing The Best of ABBA, which made eating there as close to heaven as I’ll ever get.

4. Anyone else watching The Great British Bake-Off? I was really sad that *spoilers* Victoria went. She was brilliant and just had a mediocre week. She didn’t deserve it. I want James or John to win, but I imagine it’ll be bloody Sarah-Jane.

5. Talking of TV — Doctor Who is back! Eeeeeee! I loved the first episode yesterday. Genuinely can’t wait for next week.

6. Having no wi-fi is a pain in the arse. Garry and I live on the internet. I work online and from home, and my crappy little dongle just isn’t good enough. The wi-fi at the library has been down all week so I haven’t been able to go there. I cannot wait until we get wi-fi on Thursday. I miss Pinterest — it won’t work with my dongle. I miss Netflix. I miss YouTube.

7. Garry went out for a quiet drink with workmates on Tuesday. He came home at 4am, chatty and happy after drinking shots and dancing in a rock ‘n’ roll bar in Camden. This is so unlike him I’m fairly sure that he’s either been secretly replaced with a robot spy or he’s having an affair and is really bad at thinking up good excuses to cover himself.

8. Does anyone want to buy me this house? It’s only 4 million quid, s’a bloody bargain. IT HAS A HOGWARTS STYLE TREEHOUSE, FOR PETE’S SAKE, I NEED IT!

9. I started watching 30 Rock this week, from the beginning. I’m already in love and finding myself relating to Liz in pretty much every situation. Would it be weird to get my hair cut like Tina Fey? Probably, but I don’t care.
10. The washing machine filter clogged this morning. I had to empty it out. Water that’s been in a washing machine overnight smells absolutely foul. The filter smells even worse. Worst part is that just emptying the filter didn’t fix it, so when I ran a test wash it clogged again. And I had to do it, I couldn’t just pass it off on my parents. Being a grown up is hard.
11. It’s my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday, and they’re having a big posh do for it. I still don’t have a dress. Anyone got anything they can lend me? Size 12-14. Ta.
12. It’s my brother’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Adam!
How has your week been?
Love, Amy xx

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