Sunday Summary


Whoops! The notes I made for the first few bits of the Sunday Summary went up early. Damn scheduling. Sorry if you saw the incomplete version earlier!

1. So, for some reason I wasn’t getting emails about new comments on the blog. I thought no-one loved me! But no, there they all were, just waiting to be replied to. Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you — I’m just stupid, not rude. All the comments are now being filled in.

2. I caught Garry’s cold and spent the first two days of the week feeling very, very sorry for myself. The last few days of the week were spent feeling slightly less sorry for myself, but still sorrier than most people feel for themselves when they have what is essentially the sniffles. I don’t do well with being ill.

3. Last Sunday I went to Westfield’s with Garry and his brother. I think I only saw about 10% of it — it is huge. I need to go back with more time and considerably more money.

4. It was our three and a half year anniversary last Sunday, too. To celebrate, Garry bought me a ring. Not an engagement ring or even a fancy ring — a key-ring. More specifically, a Lego Star Wars keyring. He knows me very well.

5. The Great British Bake Off has started selling merchandise. I’ve already bought one thing as a Christmas present that I’ve then appropriated for myself (sorry, unnamed friend. But I really needed a pudding bowl and custard jug) and I’m tempted to nip back for the pie jug with the blackbird steam escaping thing. It’s all really good quality and looks like the kind of thing I wish I’d inherited from my nana. Find it at Boots, M&S and probably other places that I don’t know of yet. I would link, but it seems bloody impossible to find this stuff online.

6. Talking of cooking and TV, the Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals book is really good. However, the series is incredibly annoying. We’re watching it as I type this and Garry just shouted at the screen “I want these recipes, but served properly and with some other bastard cooking it”. That sums it up quite well.

7. And talking of things you watch on screens…Skyfall. No spoilers, but it is REALLY good.

8. I saw a preview for The Silver Linings Playbook, though, and it looks like they’ve turned it into a romcom. If that’s true I’m coming after you, David. O. Russell (Pitch Perfect looks excellent, though).

9. This week, I made mini pumpkin pies (recipe coming on the 1st November, most likely). I had loads of them (16 mini pumpkin pies, only two of us) so I popped some in a tin and took them round to the next door neighbour. I have never seen anyone so confused as my neighbour was when I handed her the tin. Ever. I keep forgetting that I don’t live in Nuneaton and you just don’t do this stuff when you live in London. Ah, well. Her husband sent Garry a text saying he liked them, at least. Although he thought they were cookies.

10. I’m going to be moving the blog back to WordPress in the next few months (if I can figure out how to self-host) and so it’s going to be redesigned. Is there anything you’d like to see on the blog? Any ways I can make it easier to find recipes? Any filing system you’d prefer? Any new categories? Now’s the time to let me know – and please do!

Did you have a good week?

Love, Amy xx


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