Sunday Summary

IMG_05541. Last Sunday was spent watching films (101 Dalmatians and Elf) and trying to clean the oven door. Is there any household task crapper than cleaning an oven door, especially when you don’t have oven cleaner? Currently I think not.

2. I spent much of last week trying to get a video from an iPhone to a laptop for work. For some magical reason, this week it worked first time on Wednesday. But it turns out that the sound quality was so poor we couldn’t use it anyway. It’s the small things that really drive you bananas, isn’t it?

3. Speaking of work, I need to figure out a way of explaining to people what my job is. My parents ask me what I do at least once a month, one of my friends thought I was an events organiser and my nan has so little idea of what I do my parents have told her I’m a web journalist. Yeah.

4. And still speaking of work, it was our Christmas party this week. We went to the Newman Arms, which is a pub that George Orwell used to hang out in. However it also does the best pies in London. Seriously. Check THIS out.

5. Monday evening, I went food shopping. I got to the checkout and realised that I didn’t have my bank card on me. I came home and searched all over the place, but couldn’t find it so had to call up and cancel. Then, the next day, I found it in my coat pocket. Sigh. I’m a wally.

6. Continuing in the theme of me being a wally, as I was stumbling round at 6.45am on Wednesday the lights blew. I had to get ready quickly and leave for work so I got Garry up, who went outside and flipped the switch on what we thought was our only circuit board. It just turned all the electricity on and off. I emailed the landlords, only for them to point out that there was a second circuit board in the hall cupboard. Not my proudest moment.

7. What happens when you take five baking bloggers (her and her and her and her and me) and put them together just before Christmas? Lots of festive baking and gossip about Masterchef, that’s what.

8. Anne Hathaway. Not only was she a fantastic Selina Kyle, she also manages to deal with inappropriate and kinda icky questions intelligently and fiercely. Woo!
9. I was walking through central London to get to a client (the Baker Street area) on Thursday morning and I kept getting weird looks off everyone. After after 20 minutes of walking I looked down and realise that my belt had pulled my tunic down and my boob was hanging out of my top. Also not my proudest moment. 
10. What WAS one of my proudest moments was Friday. I got to see the first 9 minutes of the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. It is amazing! There was also a Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. They are both as beautiful in real life as they are on screen.

Photo by Garry

11. So…this I need your help on. My Twitter and Instagram names are both Jimsy Jampots. My Flickr username is taffyamy. My blog is obviously called She Cooks, She Eats. I’d like them all to match and the name Jimsy Jampots is more unique than She Cooks, She Eats. I asked on Twitter if I should change the blog to Jimsy Jampots and the response was an overwhelming yes. I asked on Facebook and the response was an overwhelming no. What do you think? And why?


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    I really like the ‘She Cooks, She Eats’ name. Jimsy Jampots kind of makes me think it will be a kiddies craft blog instead…. you know, the type where Moms go to get ideas on how to make funky creatures out of yogurt pots….

  2. says

    Whilst I like ‘She Cooks, She Eats’ I think linking everything up with Jimsy Jampots would be good. Plus it’s such a cute name.

    Ohhhhhh, Benedict! I could swoon all day! The cheekbones. Mmm. The bake-up sounds lovely! I wish I had more friends who cooked. I’m apparently now baking a cake for someone at work for their birthday. What’s cheap!?

    Have a great week full of proud moments (if you can hear Heather Small sing, you’re on the right track!)


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