Slimming World speed food downloadable cheat sheet

Hi guys.

As you know, I love the Slimming World plan and I know a lot of you come here for Slimming World recipes.

Slimming World speed food downloadable cheat sheet

The plan has changed recently, putting a lot of emphasis on Speed food. It can be tricky to remember what Speed food is, so I’ve made a downloadable cheat sheet with all of the Speed fruit and veg on it. You can download it below:

Download the Slimming World speed food cheat sheet

I hope this helps. I imagine you’ll be seeing a lot more from me on the new plan in the next few weeks.

Love, Amy xxx


  1. Dee Williams says

    I just love your recipes I’m on slimming world and find it really hard to think of new meals to make, but yours certainly inspire me!! I have a long way to go to hit my target but with recipes like this it makes it a easier to stick to my goals :) x

  2. carlie brown says

    Wow. …Amy I’m desperate to lose a bit of weight….I’ve had my gallbladder removed 10 weeks ago and have put on half a stone . ..don’t know how I have come across ur blog….but what an inspiration! I left slimming world for the 2 time as I stupidly don’t understand the her and all the other E days etc! To confusing for me! But I’m going to try again with ur blog and menu’s…Tomorrow is the first day of my journey…..hoilday here I come!!!! Xxx

  3. shelagh beach says

    hello Aimy, just com across this page, I joined slimming world a few times and each time I put weight on,I don’t know if it was me not understanding, or it was not explained properly.
    My daughter has joined yesterday and she said its all changed. So what is different now as to then?
    I’m beginning to thing my body is different to everybody else.

    • says

      Hi Shelagh. I can’t advise you on this as I’m not a Slimming World consultant. The best thing to do is go to a class and ask for a consultant’s advice. If you don’t like your consultant you can always move groups as there are lots of them around. Thanks, Amy

  4. joogs says

    I really need to lose weight but I am a single mum and can’t afford to. I have heard great reviews of sw but the class prices and joining fee wld kill me. Does anyone have the Info on it or know if i can download stuff for free like what my weight means in terms of what I eat.

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