Food resolutions for 2013

People say you shouldn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They say that if your resolution is that important you should start it as soon as possible and not wait for an arbitrary date.

I do agree with this, but then I like having set timeframes that I can measure my progress by. Besides, these aren’t resolutions. They’re just things I want to try and do better this year. Here’s my list of food resolutions for 2013. Some are serious, some aren’t. Feel free to let me know yours below!

  1. I will not keep buying cookbooks. I have lots of them already (I might break this one) 
  2. I will not keep buying food magazines when I’ve got a folder full of clipped recipes already (I’ll probably break this one, too) 
  3. I will not keep pinning recipes on Pinterest that I never make (I’ll almost certainly break this one) 
  4. Being serious, I’m going to get my cooking mojo back. The past two months have been a storm of frozen pizzas and chips. This needs to change, not least because I can cook things that are way nicer than an Iceland pizza.
  5. I will get back on Slimming World and lose the three stone (Yup — THREE STONE) I put on this year from ridiculous gluttony. 
  6. I will figure out things that I can have for breakfast other than berries and cereal. Any help with this one would be gratefully received.  
  7. I will go to at least one pop-up this year. Everyone else in London seems to be going to them and I’m starting to feel like the worst greedy person in the world. 
  8. And I’ll go to a restaurant surrounded by foodie fuss, too (somewhere like Duck and Waffle) 
  9. I will make a purée of something, like they do on Masterchef. 
  10. I will understand why you’d want a purée of something like peas rather than a big lovely spoonful of them. Quite honestly, I don’t get it.
  11. Ditto, but for macaroons vs. meringues. 

I hope that however good 2012 was for you, 2013 is a helluva lot better.
Love, Amy xxx


  1. says

    Almost the only thing I eat for breakfast that isn’t themed around bacon, eggs or sausages is yoghurt & muesli. Different flavoured yoghurts, different (even home-made) muesli gives a nice amount of variety and natural yoghurt has all sorts of things that help the internal plumbing do its jobs.

  2. says

    Purees are great for adding another texture to the plate. They work particularly well if you serve them with the veg in their ‘normal’ state. For example I love cauliflower puree served with regular steamed cauliflower, as the flavour is accentuated. Cook the florets in stock, then blitz the lot with a dot of cream and curry powder: delicious. Despite the mess I had butternut squash puree is great too.

    Recipe links (all mine, sorry!):

    • says

      Thanks for the links, and I have no problem with them all being yours. I think I’m going to give that a go, see what the fuss is. If I remember.

  3. Anonymous says

    Would love to follow your slimming world journey, I can’t afford to follow programmes like that and Ww properly, but any useful rules, helpful hints and tasty healthy recipes you can share are very much appreciated, I don’t eat overly badly so struggle to pin point why I keep getting fatter, some blog based moral support is very welcome!
    Betty xx

  4. says

    Porridge with a banana mixed in :) It fits in with your HEA & B on slimming world. Good luck on your slimming world journey – you can do it!

    Jo x

  5. says

    In the winter for breakfast I usually have porridge made with water (I don’t like milk) served with a drizzle of honey, sliced banana or apple and a handful of sultanas. Fills you up and is healthy as well. Or to make it fancier add a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

    With points 1, 2 & 3, these are probably things that I should cut back on as well but I know I won’t so I’m not even going to try! Instead I’m actually going to start USING my extenisve book and magazine collection rather than just having it for decoration.

    • says

      Hmmmmm, apple and porridge is definitely something to try. Thank you!

      I definitely want to start using my collection. But I’ve already got Nigella “How to Eat” in my sights. Sigh.

  6. says

    Ahh. Bristol seems to be full of pop-up restaurants and evenings and things too and I’d love to go to them. I need to catch Boy at a non-skint time or find a greed buddy!
    I think the thing with resolutions is to be positive – try and focus on doing more of things you want to do, that way you can’t fail one whole one by pinning one recipe for example. You could resolve to actually cook a certain number of things instead?
    I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 23 and it’s just been really nice. I’ve sort of given myself an excuse to do the fun ones and an extra sense of achievement and a bit of recognition for doing the less fun ones.
    Good luck with them anyway :)

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