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February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized by Amy

Because of Kitchen Bitching, I’ve started to be invited to posh foodie events. Some of them — such as the one at a raw/organic/vegan restaurant that served cold poached figs with beetroot pureé on top — aren’t that great. But some are spectacular.

The ZChocolat tasting event at the Waldorf Hilton last night was definitely in the latter category.
It was an incredible evening. It was held in the ballroom of the Waldorf, which as you can see is an utterly beautiful room, and as soon as you walked in the very friendly PRs leapt upon you to welcome you and make sure you were going to have a good night. You could then wander round the room, serenaded by the man on the grand piano (who was doing a very good job of playing the piano with his eyes firmly fixed on the breasts and/or legs of every woman who walked past — it was impressive), and try whichever of the chocolates took your fancy.
Being honest, most of them took my fancy.
I’m still not sure which flavour was my favourite. They just had so many. 26 chocolates in the distinct ZChocolat shape, as well as the Z Chocolat, truffles, chocolate coated almonds…so many to choose from!
You can get a better knowledge of the flavours from the Z Chocolat website, but my favourites were the passionfruit & mango caramel, the dark chocolate ganache, raspberry ganache, raspberry and violet ganache, pepper ganache (Yes, pepper), coffee ganache, milk ganache with bits of orange, gingerbread ganache, coriander praline, ganache violette and the plain milk chocolate ganache. Quite a few favourites, there.
I suffered slightly because I don’t like nuts. I swear, if you like nuts you’ll be in heaven with ZChocolat; they have every flavour nut and every nut combination you could think of. My companions kept biting into them and going “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”, so I’m assuming that they were just as good as the non-nut ones.
The man behind all this wonderful chocolate is World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. He is so passionate about chocolate; on the ZChocolate “I have always loved working with chocolate, which is demanding and tough to break, yet wonderfully warm and flavourful”. 
And he clearly loves to eat chocolate as much as he loves to work with it. “Close your eyes and prepare yourself for a journey to an enchanted world of remarkable and subtle flavours: soft, spicy, sweet, aromatic, light, tender, sharp, bitter, dark, creamy and even white.”
“A small personal recommendation: never stop tasting chocolates, and by all means, never forget to offer chocolate, it is too much fun! Our love story with chocolate must continually unfold.”
Well. If you’re going to ask so nicely
Yeah, they were filled with praline and weighed half a pound each. I wanted to take one home in my handbag for the train back.
Basically it was an amazing night eating amazing (and expensive) chocolate. If you need to treat yourself or someone else, definitely check out the ZChocolat website. I recommend their Touché boxes; they are utterly beautiful.
Me with the wonderful ladies I went with. Garry was taking the photo.
Love, Amy x

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